Nexus 7

Portenzo cases for the Nexus 7 come in a wide range of styles: from our leather Alano collection, to our traditional book-bound cases, both framed and frameless. Each one is handmade, right here in the USA at our own studio.

  • Premium Leather Mustache Keyring by Portenzo
    Mustache Key Ring in Premium Alano Leather $10.00
    These fine, custom-designed mustache key rings are now available! We've made a few of these bad boys for special clients, and the response has been fantastic. Now, we are making them available to everyone. Crafted from...
  • Portenzo Alano Leather BookCase for Nexus 7
    Alano Collection for Nexus 7 $99.95
    Like Stonehenge and the Sphinx before it, the Alano is an enigma inside a riddle - but this one you can hold in your hands. Feel the single piece of high-quality leather and marvel at the Old World craftsmanship and...
  • Portenzo Rex Ray BookCase for Nexus 7
    Rex Ray Collection for Nexus 7 $84.95
    Camera hole included. Combining the best of the Pantone rainbow and the deceptively simple shapes you studied in high school geometry, the Rex Ray for Portenzo line for the Nexus 7 is everything you want and more than...
  • Portenzo Custom BookCase for Nexus 7
    Custom Book Case for Nexus 7 $69.95
    You started out covering your text books with kraft paper in middle school; it's time to take it to the next level. Get the fully customizable BookCase for Nexus 7™ and enjoy all the handmade personalization of a...
  • Portenzo Composition BookCase for Nexus 7 front cover
    Composition Book Case for Nexus 7 $79.95
    Simplicity at its finest This classic style case combines craftsmanship with fine materials to bring you a one-of-a-kind case for your Nexus 7™. These handmade cases include our smooth natural Maple frame along with...
  • Portenzo Italian Bonded Leather BookCase for Nexus 7
    Italian Bonded Leather Book Case for Nexus 7 $89.95
    Chinese silk. Cashmere wool. Babies' butts. When it comes to being smooth and soft, they can't hold a candle to the bonded leather case for the Nexus 7™. Choose your interior and your features; we'll fill it with a...
  • Portenzo Hardback for Nexus 7 elastic closure
    HardBack for Nexus 7 $39.95
    With this bookbound case, you can go frameless around the house, at the beach - anywhere you want to go. Thanks to 3M technology, your Nexus 7™ will stay secure and protected in the case while still allowing a gentle...