Portenzo Hardback for Kindle Paperwhite elastic closure

HardBack for Kindle Paperwhite

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    HardBack for Kindle Paperwhite

    Free your mind and your Kindle™ at the same time. Frameless is the way to go. This slim design is anything but boring. Endless color options let you dress it up, down, or all around. We aren’t here to judge.

    • Classic book-bound materials
    • Kindle attached with renewable 3M™ GripStrips to remove and restick at anytime. See video below.

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    Will not fit the Kindle Voyage™

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    1. HardBack turns my Kindle into a real book!

      I LOVE my HardBack for Kindle Paperwhite. So much so that I have purchased two of them already. My first I got without MagnaGrip and just the elastic. My second I purchased with the MagnaGrip. I would highly recommend spending the extra for the MagnaGrip. With the MagnaGrip, while you are reading, the front cover folds back and tightly attaches itself to the back of the case. Without the MagnaGrip, you can attach the cover to the back using the elastic, but it isn't quite as efficient, in my opinion.

      And if you are wondering, the 3M GripStrips definitely grip. My two-year old has gotten his hands on my Kindle and climbed on top of his sister's loft bed and dangled it over the side aggressively--the Kindle didn't budge.

      And on top of all that functionality, the HardBack is just a great looking case. I love my Paperwhite, and the HardBack case makes me love it all the more. You cannot go wrong here. Especially considering it is right in line with Amazon's Paperwhite case cost-wise--and is far superior... once again, in my opinion, that is. You will just have to see for yourself! Have fun designing your own!
      on Mon February 2nd 2015

    2. Great cover, poor magnents

      This cover is beautiful and sturdy, exactly what I need for traveling with my Kindle.

      However, the magnets are described as being powerful enough to keep the case closed even without the elastic strap. That is absolutely not true.

      I ordered a custom case with the magnets and without the elastic, thinking it would be easier to flip open/closed. However, once the Kindle is placed inside the case, the magnets cannot reach each other and are completely useless. The case cannot stay closed with the elastic, so continues to pop open, each time turning on my Kindle. So not only would I have a case that stays open all the time (defeating the purpose of having a case), I would also have a dead Kindle battery.

      **Katheryn, Sarah here from customer service. I wanted to invite you to contact me with a video of your concerns. It doesn't sound like the way that your case should be. This would be a warranty covered issue. I can also tell you that sometimes it takes a bit of time to break in your case. The binding becomes more plyable over time, and thus making the magnet position more accurate. Please help me make this right for you.
      on Thu November 20th 2014

    3. My Favorite Kindle Cover

      I love my Paperwhite cover. It's beautifully and makes it feel like I'm reading a printed book. I loved the convenience of digital books, but miss the feel of paper sometimes. Now, I have the best of both worlds. Great craftmanship. It really it nicely done. I love it and the customization was very quick. on Sat May 3rd 2014