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  • How do I…
    • …install the iPad? 0:09 min.
    • …work the automatic sleep/wake? 0:18 min.
      • (hint: open your case - it's automatic!)
    • …work the secret power button? 0:27 min.
    • …take screenshots while the iPad is in the case? 0:47 min.
    • …use the intellistand? 0:56 min.
    • …remove the iPad? 1:17 min.
  • I want my case to turn off when I close the case, and turn on when I open the case.
    • This feature is called the Auto Sleep/Wake. This comes standard on every Portenzo case. This is not the same as the MagnaGrip feature. You do not have to purchase the MagnaGrip to receive this awesome feature.
  • What is the MagnaGrip option? Will it hold tight?
    • MagnaGrip is - you're not gonna believe this - magnets! If you choose MagnaGrip, we use an array of special magnets to keep your case closed. It stays closed tight without the need for elastic, but you can always add the elastic for extra protection.
    • Be sure of your decision, as we cannot add or take away the elastic or MagnaGrip after your case has been started.
  • I received my case and the MagnaGrip is not present.
    • Are you sure? If you own a case for any of the full size iPads (iPad or iPad Air) this feature is only activated when the device is in the case. If you own a case for any other bookcase or hardback, you should feel the MagnaGrip holding the case closed with no device in place. You can be sure that the magnets are present if you run something metal like keys or a metal paperclip along the outer edge of the cover.
  • I can feel the Magnagrip, but it is not as strong as I expected.
    • We know this is frustrating, but be patient. If you ordered a case that has navy denim, a spine wrap of any color, or bonded leather, it will take some time for the spine to break in and allow the magnets to fully align and be as strong as they can be. The more you love this case, the more it will love you back. Be patient, and if you do not feel gradual improvement after two weeks of regular use, please let us know and we will diagnose your problem.
  • What is the difference between alano leather and bonded leather?
    • Alano leather is 100% authentic 0.25 inch thick cowhide leather. It is perfectly finished on both sides to give a sleek appearance to your case that is great to hold. This type of case screams sophistication, and will age beautifully over time like your favorite pair of boots. Alano leather is flexible and will make a case that has a plyable cover. MagnaGrip is not available with the alano leather collection, but intellistand is available.
    • Bonded leather is a synthetic blend of authentic leather and man-made materials to make a leather-like product. This is used to create your book that will be just like a hardbound book. It will have a stiff cover, and all of the options of a custom classic book like intellistand and MagnaGrip.
  • Do I need to polish or treat my Alano?
    • You don't have to. You can, if that's what you're into, but the leather wears nicely either way. We cannot tell you what product to use on your case because we don’t use leather treatments on our cases. We suggest testing in an inconspicuous area knowing that this may void your warranty.
  • What can I clean my case with?
    • You can clean the Classic Bookcases or the Alano series cases with a slightly damp cloth.
  • How do I know which Nexus 7 I have?
    • The biggest difference between the newer Nexus 7 and the previous version is the appearance of a rear-facing camera. This means that there will be a lens on the opposite side of the case from the screen.We sell cases for the Nexus 7 released in 2013 on Portenzo.com. You can custom request a case for the older 2012 Nexus 7 here or you can check Etsy for premade, ready to ship options.
  • Return policy
    • Click Here to see our Returns / Exchange policy.
  • How much does the case weigh?
      iPad 2/3/4 Classic Bookcase 11.4 oz.
      iPad 2/3/4 HardBack 5 oz.
      iPad 2/3/4 Alano Bookcase 16 oz.
      iPad Air/Air 2 Classic Bookcase 9 oz.
      iPad Air/Air 2 HardBack 5 oz.
      iPad Air/Air 2 Alano Bookcase 13.6 oz.
      iPad mini Classic Bookcase 8.6 oz.
      iPad mini HardBack 4.9 oz.
      iPad mini Alano Bookcase 11.6 oz.
      Nexus 7 Classic Bookcase 6.5 oz.
      Nexus 7 HardBack 4.5 oz.
      Nexus 7 Alano Bookcase 9.5 oz.
    • PHONES
      iPhone 5 Alano 2.2 oz.
      iPhone 5 Alano with Wallet 3 oz.
      iPhone 5 Hardback 1.3 oz.
      iPhone 5 Hardback with Wallet 1.8 oz.
      iPhone 6 Alano 2.9 oz.
      iPhone 6 Alano with Wallet 3.7 oz.
      iPhone 6 Hardback 2 oz.
      iPhone 6 Hardback with Wallet 2.6 oz.
      iPhone 6 Plus Alano 4.1 oz.
      iPhone 6 Plus Alano with Wallet 4.9 oz.
      iPhone 6 Plus Hardback 2.2 oz.
      iPhone 6 Plus Hardback with Wallet 2.8 oz.
      Nexus 5 Alano 2.4 oz.
      Nexus 5 Alano with Wallet 3.2 oz.
      Nexus 5 Hardback 1.5 oz.
      Nexus 5 Hardback with Wallet 2.1 oz.
  • What are the dimensions of the case (width, height, etc.)?
      iPad 2/3/4 Standard Bookcase 7.75" wide × 10" tall × 0.8" thin
      iPad 2/3/4 HardBack 7.75" wide × 10" tall × 0.8" thin
      iPad Air/Air 2 Standard Bookcase 7.17" wide x 9.9" tall x 0.7" thin
      iPad Air/Air 2 HardBack 6.76" wide × 9.6" tall × 0.625" thin
      iPad mini Standard Bookcase 5.8" wide × 8.3" tall × 0.7" thin
      iPad mini HardBack 5.43" wide x 7.95" tall x 0.64" thin
      Nexus 7 Standard Bookcase 4.98" wide × 8.35" tall × 0.8" thin
      Nexus 7 HardBack 4.57" wide x 7.95" tall x 0.64" thin
    • PHONES
      iPhone 5 Alano 2.56" wide x 5" tall x 0.73" thin
      iPhone 5 Alano with Wallet 2.56" wide x 5" tall x 0.83" thin
      iPhone 5 Hardback 2.56" wide x 5" tall x 0.73" thin
      iPhone 5 Hardback with Wallet 2.56" wide x 5" tall x 0.83" thin
      iPhone 6 Alano 2.73" wide x 5.63" tall x 0.73" thin
      iPhone 6 Alano with Wallet 2.73" wide x 5.63" tall x 0.83" thin
      iPhone 6 Hardback 2.73" wide x 5.63" tall x 0.73" thin
      iPhone 6 Hardback with Wallet 2.73" wide x 5.63" tall x 0.83" thin
      iPhone 6 Plus Alano 3.38" wide x 6.42" tall x 0.73" thin
      iPhone 6 Plus Alano with Wallet 3.38" wide x 6.42" tall x 0.83" thin
      iPhone 6 Plus Hardback 3.38" wide x 6.42" tall x 0.73" thin
      iPhone 6 Plus Hardback with Wallet 3.38" wide x 6.42" tall x 0.83" thin
      Nexus 5 Alano with Wallet 2.87" wide x 5.6" tall x 0.93" thin
      Nexus 5 Hardback 2.8" wide x 5.5" tall x 0.56" thin
      Nexus 5 Hardback with Wallet 2.8" wide x 5.5" tall x 0.78" thin
  • How much wider and heavier will my case be with the Stylus Compartment?
    • Your case will be approximately .25" wider and add about 2 oz. See the specs above for more details.
  • How much wider and heavier will my case be with the Wallet?
    • Your case will be approximately .1" wider and add about 0.8 oz. heavier for the alano and 0.6 oz. heavier for the hardback. See the specs above for more details.
  • How long does it take for my case to ship?
    • We receive your order. We make your order. We ship your order. That can take as little as 3 days or as many as 14 (or longer during the holiday season), but it all depends on what you ordered since all cases are made to order – for you.
  • How long does shipping take and what does it cost?
    • This all depends where you live and how quickly you want it to arrive. Shipping times do not affect production times. Ordering two day shipping does not mean that your case ships out in two days, it means that once production is completed (in up to 14 days) it will take 2 days to get from our house to yours.
    • Inside the USA USPS Standard Delivery 6-10 days $6.00 - $8.00
      Inside the USA Standard Delivery 2–8 days $9.95
      Inside the USA FedEx Ground 1-5 days $12.95
      Inside the USA FedEx Home Delivery 1-5 days $12.95
      Inside the USA FedEx 2Day Express 2 days $19.95
      Inside the USA FedEx Overnight 1 day $49.95
      Outside the USA FedEx Global Express 3 days $32.95
      Outside the USA USPS Canada 5-21 days $13.95
      Outside the USA USPS Global 7-21 days $18.95
  • Do you ship internationally?
    • We can ship anywhere you can think to hide.
    • Shipping options will show up in the shopping cart when you enter your shipping address. If you do not like the shipping options provided, contact us for a custom shipping quote with the carrier of your choice.
  • How will I know when my case has shipped?
    • You will get an email with your tracking number as your case gets boxed up. It is sent automatically to the email address that you provided when you ordered.
  • What does "awaiting fulfillment" mean?
    • "Awaiting fulfillment" means your order has been received, and payment has been processed. You lucky duck, you have successfully made it onto the production schedule.
  • What does "awaiting shipment" mean?
    • "Awaiting shipment" does not meant that it is sitting on the shipping table waiting for us to return from our lunch break. It means your order has entered production and will be shipped as soon as it's completed.
  • Will there be any customs fees?
    • We do not know. This depends on the country you're having it shipped to; most countries charge little or no fee. Because these are changing constantly, there is no way for us to determine if there are going to be customs fees for you, or how much they may be for you. You are responsible for all customs fees, import taxes, etc. We do not track customs charges (if there are any), so please don't ask.
  • My tracking number hasn't shown any movement for a while…
    • Did you choose USPS for a shipment outside the continental USA? If your package has already left the United States, we have no idea where it is and can't do anything about it. The USPS does not track shipments once they leave the final US sorting station. So once your package is in the hands of your country's postal service, the USPS Tracking Number stays where the USPS last had the package - in the US. If this package is important or valuable to you, we highly recommend our FedEx Global Express service, which arrives in 1 to 3 days and is fully trackable, every step of the way, from our door to yours.

  • Why do you not have a phone number listed? I don't want to wait for a response via email.
    • We know how important it is to be able to contact us. We want to assure you that we truely care about your concerns and want to do everything in our power to make sure that we properly take care of you. We are a very small team of people and we find that the most efficient way to respond to everyone is via email.
    • Our goal is to respond to your questions within 24 hours excluding the weekends. Contacts received on the weekends will be addressed on the following Monday. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and maintain a personal relationship with you. Please, let us know how we can help.
  • We know that most folks love the Portenzo products that arrive on their doorstep, but in case of emergencies, we wanted to clearly lay out our policies.

    Our Standard Warranty is as follows:

    • We are happy to address any Fit or Function issues for 90 days after your case arrives at your doorstep at the discretion of Portenzo.
      • This warranty does not start the day that you open the box, six months after receiving your case, it starts the day that you receive it. These cases are too beautiful to keep locked away; they want to be used!
    • The following instances are a major bummer, but not covered under the Portenzo Fit and Function warranty:
      • When cases fall to their demise after being left on top of your car, knocked off the shelf by your cat, or sat on by your toddler
      • Dogs that think your case is a new chew toy
      • Over-zealous beers that tip over and spill onto your case
      • Cases that leap out of your pocket and spend the evening outside in a snowstorm
      • Cases are left in the refrigerator or a cold car, or next to the fireplace, or in a steamy sauna
      • Normal wear and misuse of the product
      • Alterations made to the product make it yours forever
      • Product that you receive in a mystery box
    • We hope you get the point. If the problem is your fault, we can fix it, just not for free. Sorry, Charlie.
      • But if the problem is something that we had control over and you bring it to our attention within the warranty period, we will gladly make it 100% right.
    • Repairs:
      • For the vintage Portenzo cases in your life, we can revitalize them with a new frame and reconditioned interior. We offer a variety of repairs starting at $9.95 for a cracked or delaminating frame or a total frame replacement for $39.95. We also replace elastic, re-edge the leather books, and replace corners and GripStrips- just ask.
    • Returns and Exchanges:
      • You may return something just because you don’t like it, but we don’t know how that is even possible.
      • We will accept a return or exchange of your Portenzo case as long as you contact us within 30 days of receiving it, and send it back to us within a week in sell-able condition. If you aren't completely satisfied with your handmade Portenzo case, send it back to us within this time period for a refund of your purchase price, less shipping and a small restocking fee (see below). You must contact Portenzo customer service here before sending your case for return or exchange. Cases that arrive at Portenzo with no RMA from customer service will not be processed.
      • Cases with Personal Embossing, Custom Laser Engraving, Custom Printing, or customized in any way not seen on the website at the time of purchase, are not refundable or exchangeable, but are still covered under our Standard Warranty.
    • Restocking Fees:
      • Any items from the Classic Bookcase collection where you build your case from favorite color combinations and the Rex Ray series will be subject to a 30% Restocking Fee for both Returns and Exchanges.
      • Any items from the Alano, ArmorGrip, or Moleskine™ collections that have standard options will have a 15% Restocking Fee for both Returns and Exchanges.
      • Be sure to check your order closely when checking out.
      • Your order is subjected to this charge / these policies once the actual production of your custom designed product has begun. This is indicated by the status of your order changing from Awaiting Fulfillment to Awaiting Shipment.This can happen anywhere as soon as the next business day, or sometimes a couple of days later. Email us as soon as you get the inkling to possibly maybe change your product even in the slightest way, and we will see what we can do.
      • Many times we can alter your order in-house, but your safest bet is to be sure that you are sure that you really want those crazy color combinations that you have chosen. You will still be subject to the restocking fees if you do not like the color combinations, or "thought you chose something different."
    • Conclusion:
      • This concludes our policy page. Of course, there are always instances that don’t fit the mold. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Portenzo team if you think that you have one of those instances. Our job is to ensure you are happy as a clam with your purchase.
      • We are proud of our products and we want you to be happy to show them off.