Portenzo Custom BookCase for iPad

Custom Book Case for iPad

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    Custom Book Case for iPad

    Your iPad® doesn’t want to be like everyone else. It wants to express itself. Buy one of our totally customizable cases. You can thank us later.

    • Classic book-bound materials
    • Hand-sanded birch frame
    • Secret Power Button included
    • Auto Sleep/Wake included
    • Designed for you, exactly how you want it
    • Hand-crafted and made to order in St. Louis, MO, USA

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    iPad not included.

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    1. Lovely case quickly dispatched

      This is our second iPad case after our old iPad cracked in a cheaper leather case.
      The customisable design allows you to make it personal to you, the engineering of the case is durable and elegant (such as locking the device by squeezing the top corner) and the delivery time for international orders is superb
      on Thu April 23rd 2015

    2. Perfect

      What tremendous Customer Service. A beautiful case totally as ordered was delivered in less time than was needed to meet my travel deadline. Case is gorgeous. Only problem is no cut out for power button, have to remove iPad from case to reboot. But still - gorgeous!

      ***This is Sarah from customer service. Please take a look at this link to show you how to use the secret power button. Enjoy!

      on Thu March 12th 2015

    3. More than 3 years in use and still as new!

      I am about to order a new case for iPad 2 air that I just ordered. I have been using Portenzo case since July 2011 and it is sill like new.
      Fantastic quality, never a problem. I have been using my iPad every day.
      I hope the new case is of the same quality :).
      on Sat March 7th 2015

    4. ipad protector

      love it, on Mon February 16th 2015

    5. Excellent...

      This is my third case -- for different devices. They remain my favorite solution.
      The "book-like" appearance is an aesthetic and security blessing...
      on Thu January 29th 2015

    6. My second custom iPad case

      I've loved Portenzo Book Cases since I bought one for my iPad 2 a number of years ago. If you're someone who still loves the feel of a book, then you get that tactile experience. For me, it's an elegant solution which hides my valuable iPad inside. Everyone thinks it's a notebook, so it actually acts as a theft deterrent. The sturdy case protects the iPad if dropped, or stuffed into my briefcase. I'm on my second one now for my iPad Air 2. The best part is that I got to customize it, so the book case has my "signature". Keep up the good work Portenzo. on Mon January 26th 2015

    7. Love these cases!!!!!

      I personally have one of the IPAD cases that was given to me as a gift over a year ago. I love it. It makes my IPAD so secure and I can sit it up and use it in so many different ways. I loved it enough that this Christmas I purchased two of them as gifts. Both of the families I gave them to thought they were fabulous. There is really nothing I would change about it.

      On a side note I am so impressed with the staff at Portenzo as the two I ordered both families had the same last name. I forgot the last initial on one but had it correct on the other. Their staff called me to ask which one was correct so that it would be right. They did not have to do that and had they not it would have been entirely my fault. Hats off to them for great customer service. We don't see that too often anymore.

      Anyone who wants one..................go for it they are worth every penny!
      on Wed January 14th 2015

    8. Excellent service and excellent product

      I bought a new iPad case for my dad for Christmas and they rushed it to get it to me by Christmas Eve, which was SUPER appreciated. He absolutely loves the case and we both couldn't be happier with the quality and service. Thanks!! on Mon January 12th 2015

    9. Loved mine but not durable

      I've had two custom cases for iPad2/3 now, and, while I LOVED the cases and got tons of compliments on them, they simply didn't hold up to day-to-day use. Like any book, the case will get edgewear. Because I tote mine around all day, mine was very scuffed by 6-9 months. The wooden inserts in both cases splintered/flaked with minor drops. Once the wood splintered, the iPad was no longer held square, so the camera was partially obstructed. Though I no longer use them day-to-day, I do still use them to watch TV on my iPad. The way the case redirects the sound forward is amazing. The intellistand is also worth the extra $. on Wed December 31st 2014

    10. Worth its price

      This is my third Portenzo case. The one for my iPad 1 outlived its "inhabitant", the one for my father's Kindle is still going strong after three years of everyday use, and now this one for the iPad Air 2 is as good as the others and looks gorgeous.

      I ordered from faraway Spain and it did not take too long to arrive home. I'm a very satisfied customer, even acknowledging that the prices is a bit on the high side.
      on Mon December 8th 2014

    11. Decent cover. Could use minor improvements

      I love the IntelliStand feature. It works amazingly well. The magnets are strong enough to hold the back onto the case for normal operation as well as hold the cover in the right spot in stand mode.

      The magnets on the smart cover, however, a lacking a bit. I had the same cover for my iPad 2 and the magnets holding the cover in place were a lot stronger. I feel I have to use the elastic strap to keep the cover from inadvertently opening. I didn't have that problem with my previous cover. In fact I rarely used the straps for anything other than a decorative look.

      The smart power feature (where you press on the upper corner to turn the device on/off/wake) seems a bit touchier on this model than my previous iPad 2 model. I've had it trigger even when I press on the bottom right corner which seems odd. I've also had it trigger in the middle of a game just from pressing on the touch screen instead of right where the sleep/wake button is.

      Overall, I like this case. But I think they rushed design to get orders out ASAP before really testing some features. If I had the money I'd like to try a future design for the iPad Air 2 in the hopes that maybe some of these quirks would be ironed out.

      on Sat November 29th 2014

    12. Great Protection with Style

      This is my second iPad and my second Portenzo case. For me, it's the best overall case in terms of protection, features and style. The cases are a little pricey, but the build quality is exceptional and being able to customize so many elements is worth it. on Thu November 20th 2014

    13. Perfect protection for my iPad!

      Love my new case! Great value! Construction is tough and being able to custom design it is awesome! Would highly recommend this product! on Tue November 18th 2014

    14. Premium case at a premium price

      Overall: Great product that I'm happy with for my Nexus 10, despite high price

      - Hands down best fit and finish of any case
      - Landscape orientation is gracefully designed, unlike most cases that have a horrific swiveling action or flaps
      - Very solid yet minimal design

      - $90+ for a case can be tough to swallow (but worth if compared to the alternatives)
      - Long delivery time. Mine was 2 weeks, I've heard it can take longer. I guess this could be the result of manual process.
      - Some nickel-and-diming. Features like magnetic closure and camera cut out cost extra
      on Tue November 4th 2014

    15. Top Notch

      This is my second Portenzo iPad case. These truly custom made cases are definitely worth the cost. Their styling, features and crafting are top notch ! on Mon October 20th 2014

    16. IPad Air custom case

      This is my second case from Portenzo. When you find something of great quality that meets your needs stay with it!!!

      Product exactly as described, very durable and protective. I have had many inquiries about my cover from admirers.
      on Wed October 1st 2014

    17. Expectations seriously met

      I spent some time looking for the right place to craft a custom iPad case. I'm happy I chose Portenzo. Not only is my case exactly what I wanted, the customer service was amazing. I had some trouble with my local USPS provider but Portenzo worked with me the whole way and helped put my mind at ease during an extremely frustrating time.

      I am now the proud owner of a beautiful case that is perfect for sketching, watching videos, and doing freelance design work on the go. I highly recommend Portenzo to all my friends and to anyone looking for excellent craftsmanship and superb customer service.
      on Sun August 31st 2014

    18. perfect beautiful product

      I ordered two cases because I wasn't able to decide. Decision which to use isn't easier. They are both perfect. Very quick arrival of the two cases even here in Germany.
      on Tue August 26th 2014

    19. Excellent case...

      This is second case I've purchased...
      Very pleased... (worth noting parenthetically that the wood holding the iPad in ultimately broke down after 18-20 months, but I regard that as the result of expected wear)
      Many compliments, several referrals, based on mine.
      Heartily recommend!
      on Sun August 17th 2014

    20. Made for the Nexus 10!

      After having 3 cheapo case I bought from Amazon, break on me I took the plunge. This is a lot of money for me, but replacing my Nexus 10 would cost me so much more. I love this case so much. I love being able to make it mine by picking out the colors that appeal to me. It's really hard to find quality products for the Nexus line. I'm thrilled that this is a company that realizes not everyone has or wants an ieverything. Us Nexus/Android people want nice cases too. I'm pleased with the case. It's attractive, sturdy and protects my tablet. Thank you again. It's a bonus to support a local business too!! on Mon August 11th 2014

    21. Love it

      all attributes are top notch! on Mon July 7th 2014

    22. Great case

      I just got my second case. I love it! The first was for my iPad 3 and now for my iPad Air. They look great, work nicely, and get compliments all the time.

      on Thu July 3rd 2014

    23. Quality product from Portenzo

      Great cover for my IPAD. Very satisfied. on Mon June 16th 2014

    24. Amazing aftersales service !

      I am so pleased that aftersales service still exists in this modern day and age. The product had a small fault which meant the I-padf wasn't secured properly and without any prompting I was offered an immediate replacement…….. which works !

      Much much appreciated and loving the product even more

      on Fri May 30th 2014

    25. Solid, attractive, American made construction

      First, my iPad Air case arrived in record time. Two days after I ordered my case it shipped from the factory. It's a perfect fit; the colors are correct and vibrant, and the case is slim and light. A wonderful product and worth the price. on Wed May 28th 2014

    26. Very high quality

      This is a very sturdy and high quality ipad case. It is well made and durable. The materials are top notch and color combos beautiful. I got a black case with red spine, olive elastic band and grey interior with my name etched on the lower right front in silver. It is absolutely stunning. The cases are a by heavier than I thought they would be, but I got used to it. One tiny complaint is that the power button on the top is obstructed by the case, making screen grabs and power off impossible without removal from the case.

      "This is Lea with support. Portenzo cases have a secret power button feature. You can also take screen shots easily. Please review this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBGdB8veECY and email support with any questions. Thanks!"
      on Mon May 26th 2014

    27. Brilliant idea!

      Beautifully retro, beautifully made..
      Robust, gorgeous, lots of choice (can we have the cover, or lining, or both printed with our own photo one day?) and super quick very friendly and efficient service. What's not to like?
      Please can you make one for a 13" macbook pro retina display??

      "This is Lea with support. Yes, we can print photos on cases. :) Just email artgoddess@portenzo.com and Sarah can help you. We may have something for a Macbook Pro in the future... You never know.. Thanks! - Lea"
      on Thu May 15th 2014

    28. Elegant harmony of function and materials

      A beautiful product combining quality materials with elegant engineering solutions using the natural compliance of the wood and cover.
      The squeeze to press the lock button and intellistand demonstrate this as they combine tension and flexibility to deliver perfect function.
      Highly recommended
      on Thu May 15th 2014

    29. Awesome case for ipad air!

      Love, love this case! Well-built, looks great and works as advertised. Would highly recommend. Would love to see a version where I could carry a connector (lightning-HDMI) and a stylus (I think it's an option currently).

      A little pricey, but so far, very happy with my purchase. Everyone always thinks I have a notebook in my hand.

      on Mon May 5th 2014

    30. Love, Love,Love

      Need I say more,fantastic work! on Sun April 27th 2014