Portenzo Alano Collection for Nexus 7/9 Old Book Chestnut, Gazette, Tesoro, Chestnut Journal, and Ledger Group Shot

Alano Collection for Nexus 7 and Nexus 9

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    Alano Collection for Nexus 7 and Nexus 9

    Made by hand from a single piece of high-quality leather, these cases age like a fine wine and wear like your favorite pair of boots. Old Hollywood refinement blended with the rugged good looks of a cowboy, an Alano Nexus 7™ or Nexus 9 case is a legend in its own time. You have to get this baby in your hand to fully appreciate each case’s unique beauty.

    • Durable, full-grain Alano leather
    • Hand-sanded birch frame
    • Hand-distressed and hand-tooled
    • Auto Sleep/Wake included
    • Camera opening included
    • Strength-tested elastic strap
    • This fits the Nexus 7 (2013) or Nexus 9 (2014). E-mail us for the original Nexus 7 (2012).
    • Designed and hand-crafted in St. Louis, MO, USA

    The cases featured in this video are for an iPad 2. All features described may not be applicable to a case for your device. General information is relevant.

    Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 not included.

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    1. Fantastic quality!

      I recently got the Nexus 9 for Christmas, and I needed a case for it. My family helped me cover the cost for this case, and I have no regrets! This case has a phenomenal build quality that
      surpasses any other case I've ever had. The only part that made me a little sad was that the unique tag with the person who made it's name wasn't included. I wish I know who made my Tesoro so I could thank them!
      Chances are it was our leather team expert Hope!
      on Sun March 29th 2015

    2. Simply beautiful

      I went looking for a new cover for my nexus 7 – a 2012 model – when my old cover was starting to fall to bits. I was unable to find anything that suited my sense of style with the quality I was looking for. When I found the Portenzo site I fell in love with the Alano collection but was unsure if they would suit my older model. Sarah was very helpful, producing an ‘old book – brown style’ that was made for my model. I even had some personal embossing done. The cover is simply gorgeous, high quality and will probably outlast my tablet.

      The cover suits both my need to protect my nexus and my need for something aesthetically pleasing. I love old leather books and technology – now I have the best of both worlds.

      When the time comes to upgrade the tablet I’ll be back for a new cover. I have plenty of time to think of what design I’d like embossed on the front. Yes, they are expensive but definitely worth it.

      Well done.
      on Sun March 1st 2015

    3. Best case for Nexus 7 bar none!

      You pay for what you get! Simply, this not cheap but it is undoubtedly the best case money can buy. PERIOD! on Sun February 8th 2015

    4. Amazing! Totally Amazing!

      Took a few weeks to show up but totally worth the wait. Amazing product. I love books and often times use my tablet for reading. I always missed the smell and just feel of holding a book. With this case not only does it look like a high end journal it replicates the feel of one too. I can't recommend this case enough. If the steep price concerns you, take into account that it is hand made with incredible quality. Totally worth it. Whenever I upgrade my tablet I will do so based on if Portenzo makes a case for it. on Mon February 2nd 2015

    5. Super cool!

      Yes, I loved the Portenzo case for my Nexus 9. All I saw on the website was delivered, just in the time they promised.

      The only minor problem is the back of the case. The one I ordered has the option of folding to watch videos, etc. But this implied in a bending on it that you can feel even when using the tablet for reading books. It is not a big issue, but it is there. Otherwise, I would certainly give it 5 stars.
      on Fri January 30th 2015

    6. Comfortable quality

      Fits the Nexus 9 snugly and adds a comfortable analog feel to the digital platform. on Wed December 31st 2014

    7. Good product, service got a little worse

      The Tesoro case itself is a great product though the production seemed a little rushed on this one. The outside looks and touches fantastic, all is smooth, the graphics are engraved, the colors beautiful. And that smell... awesome.
      The inside and the edges though seem a bit rough, the feeling is pretty "fibrous". The USB hole at the wood frame seems to be done very hasty as it is jagged and not symmetrical.
      I was expecting a little bit more considering the price and the top-notch quality of the "Italian Bonded Leather Book-Bound" I already have for my Nexus 7.
      I will keep this one anyway due to the long delivery time and the smell. =)

      What's a bit irritating is the mail about delivery delays due to Google not releasing all necessary information about the Nexus 9 in time (not Portenzos fault!) and the promised refund of delivery costs that didn't happen so far.
      on Mon December 22nd 2014

    8. Creating a Product of THIS caliber is what can change U.S. Manufacturing jobs!

      You get what you pay for... but, there is so much to pay for: Otterbox for the clumbsy, an unyielding case lacking all fashion for function, or whatever CZ-encrusted bs some doll would pick up for the Red.

      This case smells of nature and history. My tablet's appeal has grown exponentially, simply because of the cover. Yet, that is not the goal. It's purpose is to give life to the static toy, possibly personality, or more likely protection.

      My Nexus 7 is my compadre. And it looks pretty damn awesome.

      on Wed October 1st 2014

    9. It just gets better!

      I've had this case for a little over a year now, and it just gets better. Everything become increasingly malleable and soft the more I use it. It looks like an old book that's been in the family for a few years.

      High quality, robots obviously didn't make this.
      on Wed October 1st 2014

    10. Beautiful Case

      I ordered the Alano case for my Nexus 7 and it is great. Very sharp looking. I just got a LG G3 droid phone and would love to get a case from Portenzo for it---- on Wed August 20th 2014

    11. Simply The Best

      The folks at Portenzo are too modest! I've had my case for almost a year and it looks like new. Premium leather and the wood interior is expertly crafted. My Nexus 7 is safe and secure. I'm also delighted with their customer service-and that it's made in the USA. Will definitely buy again! on Mon May 26th 2014

    12. Premium Quality Case

      I have searched for weeks for a case, and having received my Portenzo case was impressed with the ordering, and dispatch of the item, that arrived nicely packaged. The device fitted well and the quality of leather is remarkable. For each new device I acquire I will be back to Portenzo for a case. on Tue April 22nd 2014