Portenzo Alano Leather BookCase for iPad

Alano Collection for iPad

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    Alano Collection for iPad

    The refined sensibility of Old Hollywood combined with the rugged good looks of a cowboy, the Alano is a legend in its own time. Made by hand from a single piece of high-quality leather, these cases age like a fine wine and wear like your favorite pair of jeans. Your iPad has never known such luxury.

    Camera opening included.

    • Can incite envy in a 100 foot radius.
    • Always brings its own whiskey to every party, even the impromptu ones.
    • Durable, top-grain leather encases a hand-sanded maple frame.
    • Separates you from the pack.

    Each one is hand-crafted right here in our own shop in St. Louis, MO, U.S.A. by our skilled artists.

    iPad™ not included.
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    1. Worth every penny

      I just received my Tesoro case and it's beautifully crafted. My iPad Air 2 fits perfectly, and it's much lighter than a lot of the book style cases I looked at. The color on the Tesoro is a bit different than what's on the site (more brown and less golden tones) but variations like that are to be expected with any handmade product. Love it! on Wed November 26th 2014

    2. Absolutely love your products...!

      I have purchased multiple products for multiple technologies, and love the quality, but most of all the "cool factor" that they exude. Beautiful, they look so custom, and the usability is fantastic.

      I'm definitely a major fan!!
      on Wed November 5th 2014


      This is my third (have a fourth case coming for the iPhone 6 plus) case from Portenzo, but words don't do this one justice. I had the "Old Book" for the iPad 3 and thought it was great. However, I just received the Tesoro for my iPad Air and it's RIDICULOUS! This case is really a head turner. I'm not getting another iPad for a very long time - I'm not giving this case up! Can't wait for the Passport for my iPhone 6.
      on Tue October 21st 2014

    4. The Best Product and Great Service

      I have just received my Alano case for my Ipad Air and it is the best. I shopped around and research the available cases and the Alano leaves the others for dead, they are not in the same class. Also the service provided by the staff with some queries I had was excellent, emails where promptly answered and nothing was a problem. I would highly recommend Portenzo to anyone looking for a quality product. on Thu October 9th 2014


      This is my third (have a fourth case coming for the iPhone 6 plus) case from Portenzo, but words don't do this one justice. I had the "Old Book" for the iPad 3 and thought it was great. However, I just received the Tesoro for my iPad Air and it's RIDICULOUS! This case is really a head turner. I'm not getting another iPad for a very long time - I'm not giving this case up! Can't wait for the Passport for my iPhone 6. on Mon October 6th 2014

    6. Fantastic case

      I received this case (Alano Tesoro, iPad Air) about a month ago and so far I am absolutely loving it. Works well and I have no complaints. Almost everyone who sees this case wants to get one for themselves. Apart from the discount that I got from chatting with Lea online, I made a comment with my order asking Portenzo to surprise me and make my purchase special - they threw in an embossed leather key ring. Love it! Wish there was someway to upload photos. All in all, thanks guys, you're the best! on Fri September 26th 2014

    7. Alano 2012 Colletion is Better

      This is my second Ipad case purchase. I was impressed with my first case for the IPAD 2. But, my Ipad Air case isn't what I expected. I don't have any negative comments about my recent purchased. I will say that it was a fair price and feels comfortable in my hand. The styling and looks could be improved inside the case. I had to use Vaseline and mink oil to darken the outside case to my taste. I rate this case a neutral. For carry and traveling, fits nice in my backpack. A+. on Sun August 31st 2014

    8. I'll be back!!

      This is the best product I've purchased for my ipad. It's a company, I plan to deal with for my Holiday gift list.
      on Wed August 20th 2014

    9. Superb craftsmanship

      I recently purchased 2 Alano Book Cases - Chestnut for me and the Tesoro for my partner, both for iPad Air. Both are absolutely gorgeous. The quality of the finish and the functionality is so far superior to anything else we looked at. In fact on opening our packages my first response was "absolutely bloody beautiful" ( excuse my Aussie slang). Assailed by that beautiful leather smell and the fine finish, it was love at first sight! Thankyou Portenzo! on Thu July 31st 2014

    10. Perfect for Making My iPad Look like a finely crafted book

      I am a priest who wanted to use the iPad as a Bible in church, to lead worship, and to preach from it. I did not want folks to think that I was "goofing off" during church. This Alano Book Case was just the ticket! It is beautiful, rich, and expertly crafted. All the pictures and positive reviews I had seen and read about were "spot on." the case turned out even better than expected. I had custom artwork on the front, yet from the day of order to the day it arrived was just under 2 weeks. I expected a month for such a fine case with custom engraving. I like the case so much, I would be hard pressed to want to upgrade my iPad anytime soon - don't want to lose my case. on Wed July 9th 2014

    11. Looks great

      I like it a lot - cool cowboy accounting ledger. I think the only thing I didn't realize is that the leather is softer than the hardbound book I've bought before. It doesn't QUITE stand up on it's own the way my last case did, but it can sufficiently. Nothing bad.

      "Hey this is Lea with customer support. When you 1st get the Alano the IntellIStand spine may be a bit tight. This will loosen with time and use. If you need help on how to break that in sooner, shoot me a message. I can send you a video. Awesomeperson@portenzo.com Thanks!"
      on Wed July 2nd 2014

    12. Fantastic as Always

      This is my third purchase over the last 4 or 5 years. This current purchase is so beautiful and a classic. I get compliments all of the time. It is sleek and very well made. I use my Ipad constantly throughout the day so the case gets used plenty. I love that it is made in the USA. Also the customer service is wonderful. The elastic wore out on my other case and they responded immediately. Keep up the great work. The other great thing about this company is they keep improving the products and making a bigger selection for all types of uses.

      The only thing that I wish they would change is the elastic band. It wears out quicker than the frame itself. I was thinking of maybe a snap type closing. In any event, I can't say enough about how wonderful this product is. Thank you for the great products!
      on Tue July 1st 2014

    13. Stellar case for my tablet

      This is truly beautiful work. Portenzo took the Ipad Alano case and made if for my Google Nexus 10, and it fits perfectly.

      The leather is top notch, and the attention to detail is astounding for what I paid for it.

      If I had to change ANYTHING about it, I would have wanted the wooden frame to have a hard back, rather than an opening underneath, though I'm sure there is probably a design reason why it was constructed that way. With the opening under the frame, the leather flexes IN on the back when holding the case.
      on Thu June 26th 2014

    14. Loving it!

      I have the Alano "old book chestnut"and it just seems to get better and better. This is a high quality, handcrafted cover that still gives me a feeling of appreciation when I look at it, which is often because I am using my iPad a lot more now that I have it. Everything about the design is carefully thought out. It is light and strong and feels good in the hand. And it's BEAUTIFUL! on Tue June 10th 2014

    15. Amazing quality iPad cover!

      The iPad cover that I bought for my husband is amazing. The detail in the product is so well done. I am surprisingly blown away by it. I can't wait to give it my husband for father's day!! I hit it out of the park with this gift! Thank you!!
      on Wed June 4th 2014

    16. Awesome Case

      This is the best Portenzo ipad case, I ever used compare to apple case. I love the smell of the thick leather.My ipad fit perfectly into the case. The shipping service was amazing fast to Canada. on Mon April 28th 2014

    17. Great Case-Amazing Service!

      I've had my Portenzo iPad Case (The one that looks like a map;) for over a year and I love it! It has become smoother, softer, more amazing, etc... Recently I was using my ipad to teach a guitar lesson and I set it on my leg, it slipped off and awkwardly hit a corner of a music case. My Portenzo ipad case was CRACKED in the wood next to the area for the lightning adapter to plug in! I was bummed out big time. I was going to try to fix it, but there was nothing I could do :( I went on the website to possibly buy another case and decided to contact Portenzo. I emailed some pics of the damage and they told me to send it in. Not only did they FIX my case Beautifully, they didn't charge me very much at all! The damage to the case was all my fault, just a stupid accident and they still stood behind their product. This company is incredible and I've turned tons of people onto Portenzo cases-Now I have another great reason to keep spreading the Portenzo word! Thanks again-You guys Rock! on Wed April 23rd 2014

    18. Perfect protection.

      I bought the Apple smart case when I bought my ipad. It's good if you work in an office or for use around the house but I use my ipad in a dump truck. So I needed something thicker that would hold up well with the vibration and dusty conditions of a dump truck. So far, this case has exceeded expectations. Since it's one big piece of leather, there are few places where the dust can get in. And since the leather is nice and thick, the ipad can bump against things and the case acts as a shock absorber, thoroughly protecting the ipad. The wood where the ipad sits in is smooth to the touch and the rubber feet that hold the ipad in place work beautifully. Once the ipad is in, it's not moving until you want to take it out. This case is the definition of quality. Highly recommended. on Tue April 8th 2014

    19. Proud owner of a Portenzo Alano Ledger

      Just received my Alano ledger yesterday. This is my second case from Portenzo, and I wouldn't cover my ipad with anything less.

      Jimmy did a mastery job on crafting this case. The leather is just sturdy yet refined and supple. The workmanship reminds me of some of the painstaking work you see in old medieval cathedrals. The intellistand function is pure genius, and the level of detailing makes this case a true work of art. For book lovers and discerning people, there is no other way to go. I am not easily given to hyperbole; but I think that Portenzo is in a class of itself when it comes to ipad cases.
      In fact, I'm a little concerned about taking this case in the jungle outside...
      on Thu April 3rd 2014

    20. Gorgeous and Functional!

      This review is for the Portenzo Alano (black) for iPad Air, purchased in March 2014.

      This is a gorgeous and functional case. I've /particular/ taste and this case does not disappoint. The leather is simply amazing; thick and yet supple The wood which encases the device is perfectly cut so the iPad fits perfectly. I love the way the case can be spread (?) such that the case itself serves as a stand. Further, the stylus holder and cuts for the camera are perfect. There is no doubt in my mind this is the most refined, luxurious, and functional iPad (Air) case available. Finally, the transaction and shipping from Portenzo was outstanding.
      on Sun March 30th 2014